Loving Lately: Fabulous Beauty Discoveries.

There have been some really fantastic new beauty products I have found recently. Some of these products I have bought in the past and rediscovered them, while others are completely new and already a standard in my morning/night routine.
Skin care:

These facial masks are seriously affordable and do a fantastic job removing the toxins from your skin. These two masks are ideal for unwinding after a super busy day or simply when your skin needs some love in the harshness of winter. They are very thick and moisturizing.

The Origins “Perfect World” moisturizer makes my skin feel like silk. While its definitely an indulgence, it has proven to be worth it. The high SPF content levels make it extra protecting against sun damage which is vital.

Lastly, we have my Mario Badescu “Rosewater Aloe” facial spray. I’ve been using this product for years and the bottles have been just about everywhere with me. The formula is extremely refreshing when traveling, at school, in hot climates, or just to energize yourself while out and about. The light scent is amazing as well!

My Smith’s “Rosebud Salve” is another of those products I can’t be without. The creamy, luxurious formula is light and extra hydrating at once. I really love a nice rose scent so as you can imagine, this all purpose Vaseline-like product smells pretty incredible.

The last recent lip product favorite would be the Stila “Holiday Lip Gloss” collection. The quality of these glosses are beautiful and the color wears for hours and hours. The set is a smart buy at $25 for 8 generously sized lip glosses that retail at about $23 dollars each…..

Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that Clinique is probably my favorite makeup brand. Their products are so natural and easy to wear. Their skin are products are phenomenal, too as you will see in my upcoming skin care routine! Anyway this BB Cream is fantastic because it’s a light and easy way to even skin tone without the weight of foundation. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants and SPF as well which make it nourishing for your skin.

The Greatlash clear mascara is a fantastic cheaper alternative to higher-end brow products like Benefit. I picked this up at Target for about $4 and it does a really clean job setting my brows and keeping every hair in place.

Pearly Whites:

My Crest “3D White Glamorous White” mouthwash has done an awesome job keeping my teeth healthy, cavity-free, and stainless! The whitening formula has honestly enhanced the whiteness of my teeth and undone some of the damage of tea/coffee drinking. By being alcohol free, it’s less acidic and harsh on the gums and makes it safe for everyday use.

What are your current beauty favorites?


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