Favorite Escape: J. Rene Coffee

Beautiful lattes, fig, pistachio cream scones, orange ginger bars.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for Starbucks. Busy mornings, instant caffeine fixes, but finding a locally owned coffee house has taught me a few things:
Coffee is a personal preference, a unique experience of texture and flavor. There are literally thousands of various blends, roasts, and specific types of coffee beans from around the world. At J. Rene Coffee, they allow you to choose what brew method you would like, there are 4 to pick from.

Additionally, after a leisurely morning at J. Rene I had this revelation that you could have a real experience having coffee, as opposed to the rushed feeling I always seem to have after a quick trip to mass chain coffee stores. The people sat down and spoke to their customers at J. Rene, honestly interested in what they thought of their drinks and pastries (which they get from a wonderful bakery known as The Kitchen at Billings Forge which I have wanted to visit for a while). The vibes were relaxed, modern, and elegant. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they brew their own coffee beans right in the shop, making the coffee that much more fresh.

Drink menu.

Cases to display delicious pastries and treats.

My mom enjoying her snack. The inner architect in me is obsessing over the structural layout. How funky are the design elements?

Funky lighting fixtures.

Fresh flowers add life and dimension.

Long tables to encourage people to mingle and chat.

Electric lime green chairs to add color.


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