The Warmth of Love


As the world still reflects and mourns over the unimaginable tragedy at an innocent elementary school, it’s become more and more inevitable that the world needs more love. I’ve always made my valentines homemade. It’s so much fun to design unique cards, it’s so personal. I made these as invitations to a single ladies brunch I’m hosting this weekend. However, they can be made for anyone at anytime, a simple act of kindness to spread some love.

Step 1:

Heart-shaped card stock is perfect because it’s durable and feminine at the same time. Grab a metallic gold Sharpie for a vintage feel.

Step 2:

It was embarrassingly exciting to find these red, pink, and white owls with felt hearts. These girly stickers are unique and super adorable. Very suiting for a get-together with friends.

Step 3:

Write out your message…

Step 4:

Finished invites/valentines! These sweet notes are an ideal way of simply saying hello and reminding great friends just how much they mean to you. Spread some love this Valentine’s Day!


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