Layered Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

Beautiful cupcakes sandwiched with light yet indulgent raspberry cream and white cake.

When Valentine’s Day comes around each year, my mom always can be found baking a batch of these gorgeous delights. I served these dainty, flirty cupcakes at a brunch I hosted for girlfriends and was overjoyed that they were well loved. The recipe is simple yet these mini cakes most certainly make a statement when they are enjoyed on today’s celebration of love. It’s quite bold of me to say this, but these might be one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.

Naked cupcakes alongside the decadent raspberry mousse like frosting. With these guys, you can bet there was some spoon licking in the process.

Preparing the cupcakes.

My mom chopping off their little heads to scoop a dollop of cream frosting.

Snapping a few shots before digging in!

Cups of minty tea to accompany the treats.

Savoring every bite.

End result.


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