Five Things


Newest purchase: funky, glamorous hardware detailed jewelry.

This week started to seem like a rough one towards the end. However, it ended as a leisurely, enjoyable snow day filled with both productivity and fun. Sometimes moments like these remind us that it doesn’t always take much to give us a fresh look and a new perspective. Sometimes all it takes is a little time to remember what you can smile about. There’s so much to look forward too, like the change of the season, despite the snowstorm. Here’s to an early, much needed weekend and five things that have inspired me lately.

Ice pink nails with my favorite seasonal ring.

Fresh flowers in bold colors to introduce Spring in the house.

Fluffy homemade blueberry coconut pancakes on Easter chick plates and napkins.

Whimsical, charming, and fashionable television. Perfect girly show for those lazy nights in.


All the Single Ladies!

My favorite part, the cupcakes. These were so spectacular they will be showcased in a post to come!

Love comes in all forms. Being the single gal I am, I decided to celebrate my passion and love with my fabulous friends, cupcakes, and pink by hosting a relaxed yet elegant “Single Ladies Brunch” last weekend. It was a super fun way to enjoy the holiday with lots of yummy, girly sweets and treats, savory, traditional brunch dishes, and sparkling drinks in champagne flutes to really add a festive vibe.

Decor and special touches:

Adding a feminine touch outside with a trail of rose petals leading to the front door.

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Simple, sparkly decor to hang from the dining room chandelier.

Using a combination of flower petals, garland, and shimmery hearts to scatter over the table.

Valentine’s Day limited edition M&Ms along with…

A friendship favorite, pretzel M&Ms both candies in vintage dishes.

Metallic heart shaped Yorks in a funky glass bead bowl.

Pretty table decor creations.

Candy heart inspired messages under each person’s place setting.

Putting out extra plates, cups, napkins, and silver wear to add a pop of color and keep things relaxed and at ease.

Brunch Nibbles:

Lemon ginger scones displayed wrapped in translucent, pink toile.

Warm mushroom, red pepper, and four cheese quiches.

Virgin mimosas.

I picked up this unique pitcher from Crate & Barrel. The clear glass can make an beverage look sophisticated.

A nice big salad of greens and veggies to balance the indulgent food.

The vivid, bright colors of fruit salad look both decorative and delicious.

Festive glasses with each girl’s name to sip juices throughout the morning.

Whether you’re headed to a romantic dinner with the hubby or boyfriend, single and mingling around, or looking to get together with the girls, remember love doesn’t mean the stereotypical idea it’s promoted to be on this holiday. Express you passion for everything and anything you love on Valentine’s Day! Send some valentines, eat some chocolate, and pamper yourself. Giving your body a little TLC is one sweet way to feel the love.
Happy brunching!