Five Things


Newest purchase: funky, glamorous hardware detailed jewelry.

This week started to seem like a rough one towards the end. However, it ended as a leisurely, enjoyable snow day filled with both productivity and fun. Sometimes moments like these remind us that it doesn’t always take much to give us a fresh look and a new perspective. Sometimes all it takes is a little time to remember what you can smile about. There’s so much to look forward too, like the change of the season, despite the snowstorm. Here’s to an early, much needed weekend and five things that have inspired me lately.

Ice pink nails with my favorite seasonal ring.

Fresh flowers in bold colors to introduce Spring in the house.

Fluffy homemade blueberry coconut pancakes on Easter chick plates and napkins.

Whimsical, charming, and fashionable television. Perfect girly show for those lazy nights in.